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4th February – Fuel prices in Belgium, France and Luxembourg.

Fuel prices Dover 3rd February 2013

Fuel prices Dover 3rd February 2013

First the bad news, tax increases in Luxembourg have closed the gap between France and Luxembourg. Apparently the French, Belgium and German Governments were complaining about how many of their citizens popped across the border to fill up in Luxembourg.

However prices remain amongst the cheapest in Europe.

Fuel is much cheaper in Luxembourg – we paid 1.24 euro (£1.097) a litre for diesel today, in Dover it costs £1.429 a litre. In other words fuel in Luxembourg is 23% cheaper than in the U.K. In Calais it is 15% cheaper than the U.K.

4th February – Tobacco in Luxembourg

Why go to Luxembourg for tobacco?  Well, whilst rolling tobacco is generally the same price as in Belgium if paying with sterling cash (they tend to offer a better exchange rate in Luxembourg), the euro rate you would pay if you used your credit card is a bit less.

However cigarettes are much cheaper – here they cost just £39 a sleeve (200), whilst in Belgium they will cost you £43.  In the U.K. it will cost you £77.10. The savings for any normal smoker (say 20 a day) over a six month period are substantial even at todays exchange rate (1.13 euro to the £). Buying 18 sleeves of cigarettes (6 months supply) will save you £685 in Luxembourg and £613 in Belgium.

Buying 52 packs (2.6 kgs) Golden Virginia will save you £572 on U.K. prices in both Luxembourg and Belgium.


In Luxembourg (Route 66 Tobacco shop);

Golden Virginia Tobacco costs 5.90 euro, or £4.95 sterling cash. In Belgium a pack (50g) costs  6.00 euro or £4.95.

Benson & hedges Gold costs 46.50 euro (sleeve of 200), or £39.00 sterling cash. In Belgium a sleeve costs  51.00 euro or £43.00.

Savings when buying enough for six months (if you don’t travel frequently this is what we recommend you buy). Tobacco prices in Belgium & Luxembourg

Cigarettes Per day  20
Cigarettes / six months  3,640
Approx. Number of sleeves  18.00 Cost / Savings
Cost in U.K.  7.71  1,387.80
Cost in Luxembourg  3.90  702.00
Saving in Luxembourg (200)  3.81  685.80
Cost in Belgium  4.30  774.00
Saving in Belgium (200)  3.41  613.80
Packs Golden Virginia Per week  2
Per six months  52 Cost / Savings
Cost in U.K.  15.96  829.83
Cost in Luxembourg  4.95  257.37
Saving in Luxembourg (200)  11.01  572.46
Cost in Belgium  4.95  257.37
Saving in Belgium (200)  11.01  572.46

3rd February – My Ferry Link

This new ferry company (Seafrance reborn as a co-operative) is doing quite well. The ships are clean and happily more people are using them. At the start of the service last year, we were horrified to find we were the only U.K. registered car on both legs of the journey, and that there were only six cars and one lorry on the outward journey.

The restaurant proved more than acceptable. Surprisingly the journey time is quite quick. We left on time and the journey across on a windy day was 1 1/2 hours exactly.

Due to high fuel prices most ferry companies stretch the journey a bit. With fares remaining very good value, let’s hope this new company survives.

In the period between the demise of Seafrance and the start of My Ferry Link fares went up substantially.

They have some good value “Carnet” tickets available now.


Carnet (Valid for one year from date of purchase)

  • 6 single / 3 return tickets for £31 each way / £186 total
  • 10 single / 5 return tickets for £29 each way / £290 total
  • 18 single / 9 return tickets for £27 each way / £486 total
  • 24 single / 12 return tickets for £25 each way / £600 total


Daytrips from £25.00

3 day return – £38.00

5 day return ticket £48.00

Any duration from £28.00 single


PO Ferries also have some very good value fares on at the moment.